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Residential Development

Rapkin Gitlin & Beaumont represents builders and developers in all aspects of residential development and construction. RGB is a member of the Building Industry Association and American Home Builders. Its legal team understands the unique needs and requirements of new construction and community development.

Contract Drafting & Negotiation

With over thirty years’ experience, RGB has the tools, knowledge and expertise necessary to prepare and negotiate construction contracts tailored to each client’s needs. RGB is able to evaluate the unique needs and desires of its clients and their projects and prepare and negotiate contracts that maximize efficiency and costs and curb and/or limit disputes. Staying on tract is crucial to every project’s success; RGB’s construction contracts and negotiation experience help steer its clients in the right direction.

Community Development

RGB is a proven leader in the community association law industry. RGB has represented over 1,000 community associations for over 30 years, from developer controlled communities to aging communities. RGB is therefore able to provide the full-spectrum of legal services necessary to form a residential community, including drafting governing documents (CC&Rs, Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, Rules and Regulations), ensuring corporate compliance and structure (election/voting rules, resolutions, policies, committee charters), assisting in homeowner compliance and enforcement, and assisting in successful transition from developer to homeowners.

Dispute Resolution & Litigation

RGB’s extensive litigation experience allows it to evaluate cases early and employ affective and successful dispute resolution techniques. RGB has successfully resolved hundreds of disputes for its developer and builder clients, prior to litigation, including disputes involving homeowners, construction defects, subcontractors, or governmental agencies. However, if necessary, RGB’s experienced litigation team is equipped to litigate, through trial (judge or jury), virtually any residential development dispute utilizing cost-effective techniques. RGB is devoted to establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with its clients. Therefore, RGB’s philosophy is to employ all available means to resolve disputes early, and informally, and, when necessary, vigorously yet efficiently and affordably litigate disputes to finality.