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Fulfill Your Fiduciary Duty

Is your association more than ten years old?  Has your association’s needs changed since its formation?  Were your association’s governing documents drafted by the developer?  Were your governing documents drafted before the new election and voting law, the proliferation of mold and water damage claims, the Northridge earthquake, September 11, the insurance crisis?  If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, your governing documents are in need of amendment and you, as a volunteer Board Member, are under a fiduciary duty to amend your association’s governing documents accordingly.

Experience That Counts

Rapkin Gitlin & Beaumont has over thirty years experience representing community associations.  The Firm understands the vital importance of associations’ governing documents.  In essence, governing documents serve as the associations’ road map.  Depending on their content, your governing documents could be leading your community down a road to failure.  Following is some of the many reasons why your governing documents may require amendment:

  • New/Revised Laws.  Just within the past ten years the legislature has enacted and revised over one hundred laws affecting community associations (many just within the past two years).  As a result, most governing documents currently conflict with and, at times, violate current laws.
  • Changed Circumstances.  The Northridge earthquake, mold and water damage claims, September 11, and the current insurance crisis all have had an impact on community associations.  We have learned from all these major events and, as a result, adjusted accordingly.  However, associations’ governing documents have not adjusted and are still not apt to address such events.
  • Specific Needs.  Governing documents are initially drafted by a developer, not necessarily addressing the association’s specific needs.  Furthermore, the needs of associations are ever evolving, often not addressed or even contemplated in the original governing documents.

Obtain a Complementary Evaluation

Fulfill your fiduciary duties today and contact Rapkin Gitlin & Beaumont to obtain a complementary evaluation to help you determine whether your governing documents require amendment.  The Firm is pleased to offer many services to accomplish your association’s needs, diverse both in price and scope of services.