Honesty, Loyalty & Integrity Come Standard

Legal Counselors

Community associations are non-profit corporations, operated and managed by a volunteer Board of Directors.  Board members often volunteer their time because they care about their community and investment.  However, they are often ill-prepared, either because of a lack of time and/or knowledge, to fulfill their obligations under the law. 

Rapkin Gitlin & Beaumont understands that Board members require lawyers to counsel, not preach.  The Firm’s tremendous experience has enabled it to identify key areas threatening associations’ success, and exposing individual Board members to personal liability, frequently arising from, maintenance responsibility, enforcement disputes and corporate governance.  Rapkin Gitlin & Beaumont offers its clients the tools necessary to successfully safeguard associations and their Boards of Directors, including:

  • Election Rules & Voting Procedures
  • Mold & Water Damage Policies
  • Satellite Dish Installation Policies
  • Maintenance Responsibility & Risk Assessment Policies
  • Enforcement Policies and Methods
  • Legal Opinion Letters
  • No-Up- Front-Fee Assessment Collections
  • Arbitration/Mediation
  • Governing Document Amendments Interpretations, & Enforcement
  • Contract Review, Drafting, & Negotiation
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Attendance at Meetings
  • Board Resolutions

Legal Counseling to Success

Rapkin Gitlin & Beaumont will counsel your association to success, from preparing election voting rules and regulations and mold and water damage and satellite dish installation policies, to assisting you in risk assessment, effective enforcement, and general legal counsel matters.