Honesty, Loyalty & Integrity Come Standard

The Community Association Lawyers

Rapkin Gitlin & Beaumont is a small to mid-sized firm and composed of an impressive support staff. The Firm is able to provide highly personal and attentive professional legal services at an impressive response time.

Rapkin Gitlin & Beaumont's mission is to earn our client's trust by putting their interests first. To achieve this end, we do "whatever it takes" to ensure that our clients' rights and interests are protected, while doing so efficiently and effectively. This means that the Firm strives to stay current on legal developments and, perhaps more importantly, how they impact our clients' cases. This enables Rapkin Gitlin & Beaumont to practice preventative law, thereby identifying early warning signs of many issues before they become problems. The Firm takes great pride in serving its clients with the utmost honesty, loyalty, and integrity to ensure they receive the most responsive, high quality, and affordable legal service.

Rapkin Gitlin & Beaumont invites you to accept a free consultation to review your needs for general counsel and/or litigation assistance. Please contact us for an appointment at any one of our locations: Woodland Hills, Bakersfield, City of Orange, Rancho Cucamonga, or San Luis Obispo.